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Foot Pain

In later life, the simple act of walking and the transfer of weight from the heel to the ball of the foot can lead to a multitude of easily treatable conditions.

The average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day. This repetitive motion causes stress and strain on the lower limbs but especially the foot and ankle, predisposing them to inherent abnormality, pain and discomfort; thus, injury and musculoskeletal conditions. This can be dependent on your foot type, muscle weakness, inflexibility, footwear and activity levels must also be taken into consideration. Once the cause and diagnosis are identified, an accurate and specific treatment plan can be devised for your needs.

We can also help detect underlying causes of foot pain using video gait analysis.

We are experts in treating plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, ankle pain, shin splints, arthritis and diabetic feet.

Foot Pain
Foot Pain

"We took our son Oliver to the clinic as he has flat feet and was constantly tripping over his feet. Margaret asked all the right questions, she has a patient and caring nature Oliver did not even realise he was being assessed. I’m relieved by the reassurance given, exercises and change of footwear has fixed everything. We are grateful thank you Margaret. "

Kylie O’Connor


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