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How can you prevent corns and callus and leave your feet feeling heavenly?

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We treat corns and callus on an hourly basis at our clinic. It really is one of the key corner stones of our practice. Corns and callus can cause discomfort, pain and cosmetically do not look very nice. To try and prevent corns and callus we must identify what is causing it. They can be so painful and sore, when your feet are uncomfortable it tells on your face and one avoids taking one step to many.

Just as each of us is unique as individuals, this includes your unique feet. Therefore, the cause of the corns/callus is different for each of us. I have never seen two identical sets of feet in patients before and I have seen a huge volume of feet over the years!

There are many different causes of corns and callus, such as:

  • Foot deformity i.e. hammer toes/bunions
  • Excessive friction/pressure when walking
  • Poorly fitting footwear
  • The way you are walking

Once the cause is known, you need a tailored treatment plan for you to help manage, treat and more importantly prevent the reoccurrence of the corns and callus.

At our clinic, we can identify the cause, professionally and painlessly treat your corns and callus; leaving your feet baby soft, smooth and pain-free. You will also be recommended a treatment plan that you can do from home.

Top tips when treating corns and callus:
1. Wearing the correct style, fit and size shoes for your foot type. This reduces pressure and friction on the joints when walking.
Sssh, you did not hear this here LOL – Both men and women desire fashionable shoes and want/need to wear these. There are times when we need to wear these shoes (wedding, job interview or fancy dinner date) – usually these are your most expensive / nicest pair, and the most painful. That is absolutely fine, wear these little and not so often is best. Just remember you will need to give your feet more TLC and come to see us on a more regular basis to keep them in check.
2. Use a foot file twice weekly (when skin is dry) – before bathing is ideal. This removes the dead skin and prevents the build-up.
3. Moisturising cream for your feet is an absolute must. This hydrates and nourishes the skin and prevents corns and callus. If you are looking to go the extra mile, apply a cuticle and nail oil to brighten and moisturise the nail beds.
4. Do not use corn plasters nor metal instruments on the feet as these are too abrasive and you will likely cut yourself causing a painful wound. It takes us podiatrists years to learn how to use one effective and competently!

I hope you found this blog useful and one step closer to heavenly feet. If in doubt, we are here to help and serve you, give us a call today.


"After visiting the clinic, I would like to say that I had excellent treatment and would thoroughly recommend Margaret and her team."

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