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Is foot mobilisation the answer?

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Foot Mobilisation

As podiatrists, we are constantly looking to increase our scope of practice and find new treatment options to help our patients with their foot pain. A number of my colleagues have been trained in foot mobilisation getting great results with their patients, so when the opportunity arose to train in the discipline, I was very excited and booked on to a course in London.

The course was fantastic and gave a real insight into the methods and benefits of the manual therapy. We are proud to be able to offer foot mobilisation to our clients. The technique has been used by many podiatrists to help cure foot pain with great results and has been well researched in a number of clinical trials. The technique works by using ‘hands on’ foot mobilisation techniques to help change the foot posture and therefore improve the position and function of all the joints in the lower limb. We will assess you and determine how many treatment sessions are required usually lasting 20 minutes, light pressure in specific areas is applied and yet it is painless.

There are several benefits of this treatment. Foot mobilisation focuses on specific joints of your foot and ankle, which are stiff, poorly aligned or dysfunctional, and aims to gradually restore the way they work. We tailor specific rehab programs for each patient which works along foot mobilisation advising patients on specific muscle strengthening regimes and stimulate the body’s natural repair mechanism, to help reduce pain and help foot posture. A better foot position will then create a better knee, hip, and spinal posture, and allow the muscles that surround these joints to also perform better. Ultimately, the body will work better! This manual therapy also has no side effects it is non-invasive and pain-free!

To sum it up this is a fantastic treatment and has been proven to help cure foot pain as a stand alone treatment and as part of a treatment package. So, if you have exhausted other treatment options and want to find a treatment that works this is your answer. I feel proud to be able to offer this at the clinic and I believe it will be the answer to your foot pain. If you are reading this and still unsure if foot mobilisation will help you, give the team a call and we would be delighted to discuss your needs with you.

Yours truly,
A very excited Simran.

"I had my feet done & came out walking on air!"

Judith Stephenson


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