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Calluses and Verrucas

Corns and Calluses Treatment

It is best not to cut corns yourself, especially if you are elderly or diabetic. We will be able to reduce the bulk of the corn and apply astringents to cut down on sweat retention between the toes.

Be careful about using corn plasters, as they contain acids that can burn the healthy skin around the corn and this can lead to serious problems such as infection. Always consult us for advice before using corn plasters. Home remedies, like lambswool around toes, are potentially dangerous. Commercially available ‘cures’ should be used only following professional advice.

If you are unsure of what to do or need special attention, consult us and we will be able to remove corns painlessly, apply padding or insoles to relieve pressure, or fit corrective appliances for long-term relief. For calluses, we will also be able to remove hard skin, relieve pain and redistribute pressure with soft padding, strapping or corrective appliances which fit easily into your shoes. The skin should then return to its normal state.

The elderly can benefit from padding to the ball of the foot, to compensate for any loss of natural padding. Emollient creams delay the callus building up and help improve the skin’s natural elasticity. We will be able to advise you on the most appropriate skin preparations for your needs.

Verruca Needling

Needling for verruca is a simple treatment that has proved effective for over 40 years.
The needling procedure is usually painless and is carried under local anaesthetic. When the patient is happy the area is sufficiently pain-free a needle is applied repeatedly to the verruca. The process implants the virally infected cells deeper into the tissue and an immune response is triggered.

Unlike treatments using acids, needling usually only requires a single application, but in some cases further treatment is necessary.

Needling Guarantee

If you are a SELF FUNDING patient you will be covered by the Walk This Way needling treatment guarantee, which means that we will undertake a second procedure, at no cost to you, if at 4 months the verruca has not resolved.

"Excellent caring professional service & for someone who has walking foot problems. A one stop shop for wellbeing. I’m very happy with the excellent and superior care at Walk This Way Podiatry."

Tony Whitehead


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