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Exercise Prescription

Improving muscle strength and flexibility in the lower limb and feet is invaluable to comfort and recovery. We can assist by designing a strengthening exercise regime as part of your treatment. Completing exercises on a daily basis helps the tone, strength and flexibility of muscles.

Exercises are helpful for all ages, including children. Development of the musculo-skeletal system encourages a correct posture and helps adults to maintain flexibility. Modest strength training will also help the range of motion needed to perform daily tasks and other physical activity.

achilles tendinopathy

"I’ve been from place to place getting my painful in-growing toe nail cut out every 6-8 weeks for at least 5 years. It was regularly sore, infected and wearing shoes became impossible. It was only when I moved to Chesham, I found this clinic & they suggested nail surgery. Wow in a matter of weeks, my in-growing to nail is cured and I can wear what shoes I like! With forever love & gratitude ladies – thank you."

Anne Fine


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