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Foot Mobilisations

The 33 joints in your foot are designed to work smoothly. If the joints become stiff, their ability to glide is reduced and the muscles, ligaments and tendons are forced to work harder. The result can be fatigued tissues and foot or ankle pain. Where joints become stiff due to injury or surgery, they can make recovery more difficult and prevent pain from being reduced.

Foot mobilisation and manipulation techniques can help to restore movement and function in the foot. We use a hands-on treatment that is gentle and completely painless. We have found that these techniques stimulate the body’s inherent desire to repair and restore itself.

Foot mobilisation/manipulation can be used to treat:

Aching feet


Flat feet

High arched feet


Ankle pain

After a course of treatment this will leave your feet feeling relaxed. It encourages the joints of your feet and legs to move through their natural range of motion, correcting their position with the movement.

"The benefit received following my visit is excellent, and the attention is such you wish to repeat on a regular basis."

Robert Hickling


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